Chanelle Rose is a ballpoint ink artist, known for her signature skull characters and highly detailed large-scale artworks. Her work has gained much interest from prominent international art collectors and is featured as the cover artwork and throughout the promotional campaign for hip hop legend Busta Rhymes’ latest album ‘ELE2: The Wrath of God’. 

With a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Contemporary Art, Chanelle’s work depicts the study of human inner perceptions; a representation of our summoned heroic self when faced with social fears or injustices.

‘I create strong characters that reflect our inner perceptions, our summoned heroic self, who we need to help us, or who we have to become, to get through life’s challenges… each character has their own story, a strong message, and my artwork is the messenger’. 

Her preferred medium is the ballpoint pen and its ink. It is unforgiving and commands precision as mistakes are not erasable, insisting the artist proceeds cautiously while challenging her ability and execution.

Chanelle’s inspiration comes from her own life’s journey and the personal reflections that come from observing the behaviours of others.

Renowned for her meticulous ballpoint ink artworks, Chanelle has over the past year added to her arsenal – delving into the world of digital art, with a vision of bringing her characters to life. Chanelle will be launching her digital works later on this year.

Chanelle Rose Artist