The Protector

She is a warrior.

Beautiful, yet forever ready.

She moves with a mysterious sense of control. An acute awareness of people, her thoughts, her words – she is focused. Her eyes reflect this focus, her penetrating wisdom, insight, perception – intelligence. A tattoo of a sword facing down is a reminder of what she has seen, and what she has learnt. The chains are loosely placed around her thoughts and her words – her restraint. She is wise and aware, never scattered or brash.


Her inner wisdom is discrete, but the cloak, chains and harness over her body, are both a warning and a reminder of her strength – her power, as she has fought and will fight again. She has the ability to see what is before us, she wears her hat low and her head down, but when she lifts her hat, her gaze sets upon you, revealing an all-knowing of what you are about to go through. She is the protector, she will provide you with strength for the things you have to do. She reminds you to trust in yourself, you know what to do. Her gaze instills upon you a focused energy, to go forth, with strength.


Ballpoint Ink on Paper, 114 x 150cm.

© Chanelle Rose