‘AWAY FROM DARKNESS’ Original Artwork


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As she pulls her veil back, she reveals something of the path from which she has come. Her words, she has silenced, masked and bound in chains. The blades, a warning of her unrelenting strength and wisdom. Her hands are light, fresh and free of rings or markings, free of history. Her eyes shine with new life as she looks ahead… she has moved away from darkness


Original Artwork by Chanelle Rose (2019)

Medium: Ballpoint Ink on Paper

Dimensions: 114 x 130cm (119 x 135 framed)

Frame: Archival/ museum-grade framing: acrylic + custom-built matte black timber frame.

Shipping: FREE SHIPPING (custom MDF box), air freight and warranty worldwide.

Delivery is approx. 2-4 weeks from placing your order. Delivery time can vary depending on your location (due to COVID, the lead time is currently 6-8 weeks).

© Chanelle Rose.


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