‘COMPOSURE’ Original Artwork


She remains calm, she remains graceful.
Strong and alert, her spine locks in, her mind sharpens…
Though she appears vulnerable, her silent strength and sharp wisdom weaves through her opponent’s aggression, gentle word, after gentle word.
She feels no need to succumb to the aggression.
She instead rides the storm, hand on heart, unwaveringly true to her beliefs, true to herself.
Hand on heart, she remains focused to the cause,
Hand on heart, she remains focused to her truth.


Original Artwork by Chanelle Rose (2019)

Medium: Ballpoint Ink on Paper

Dimensions: 70 x 100cm (75 x 105 framed)

Frame: Archival/ museum-grade framing: acrylic + custom-built matte black timber frame.

© Chanelle Rose.