‘Flourish’ Original Artwork


‘FLOURISH’… courageously turning away from the forces of power and control; choosing our own freedom. Releasing from the constraints and silent trappings of current life, and moving away from those who put them there.⠀
‘Flourish’ is a portrait depicting the beauty, strength, and energy that comes from embarking on new life, on freedom. ⠀
She wears a grand garland of feathers around her head, ready for flight, and delicate chains across her face, reminding her that she is in control. The chains are representational of amour and protection, of her mind and soul; her thoughts, her words. Her bare hand rests gently on her face as she considers her future, while her bound wrist reflects her past. Enlightened and determined, she looks up and forward towards the light, filled with contemplation and hope.⠀
She can see her future. She is ready and free to be who she wants to be, away from the weights that held her down, away from the labels that created ceilings….she is free and ready, to flourish.


Original Artwork by Chanelle Rose (2019)

Medium: Ballpoint Ink on Paper

Dimensions: 1140mm x 2000mm

Frame: Archival/ museum-grade framing: acrylic + custom-built matte black timber frame.

© Chanelle Rose.