‘FRONT UP’ Original Artwork

The artist explores the notion of repressed fear; dying on the inside when having to ‘front up’. How people use an impeccable highly polished mask to fearlessly project omnipotent power to avert their detached terror. Saving them from themselves.
The subject’s mask is drawn to the side as confidence remains partially reserved.
The medium used to respond to this study is a ballpoint pen. The narrative being reflectively drawn not written.
The ballpoint pen is unforgivable, it commands precision as mistakes are not erasable. Much like the subject, the artist proceeds cautiously while the pen challenges ability and confidence.


Original Artwork by Chanelle Rose (2015)

Medium: Ballpoint Ink on Paper

Dimensions: 1280mm x 980mm

Frame: Archival/ museum-grade framing: acrylic + custom white  timber frame.

© Chanelle Rose.