Original Artwork by Chanelle Rose (2024)


Being HERE, being present, has never been more prevalent. 

Historically, long-lasting dehumanising conditioned beliefs were set in play, however, the digital world has since plugged us in…we have acquired more depth to our narrative and are instead moving towards peace and unity at a much faster pace than traditional conditioning can contain. But we are not there yet, we still have work to do.

As the brave reveal the injustices still present from past prejudices, more of our own beliefs and reality are confronted. For many, their hearts and souls move beyond traditional barriers, leaving those remaining to catch up and realise… humanity is stronger than conditioning’.


Medium: French Ink on Paper

Artwork Dimensions: 900 x 1200mm (35.4 x 47.2”)


Artwork framed and signed by Artist

*Free shipping (custom MDF box) and warranty.

© Chanelle Rose.


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