‘THE SCHEMIST’ Original Artwork

Nice try but no cigar,

the Schemist see’s you for the narcissist you are.

Your dark heart, your evil soul,

through smoke and mirrors you tried to control.

Using charm to belittle and to beguile,

manipulating minds, this game takes a while.

But the Schemist has insight, his step paces ahead,

for he’s seen your actions are not as you said.

With wisdom and insight, he watches you dance,

chameleon moves, taking an opportunistic chance.

What your black heart conceals,

instability reveals.

Your reckless play,

marks your very last day.

While you promise and cajole, playing out your covert role,

you have overlooked… it is the Schemist who is in fact, in control.


Original Artwork by Chanelle Rose (2019)

Medium: Ballpoint Ink on Paper

Dimensions: 900mm x 1200mm

Frame: Archival/ museum-grade framing: acrylic + custom-built matte black timber frame.

© Chanelle Rose.